My Warranty

Have a warranty issue?

Please email our customer service at with any photos and description of what is going on with the item along with your contact info and order number. You can also fill out the contact form below.

What is my Warranty?

The warranty period differs between each manufacturer. To make our customers happy we extend the manufacturers warranty to 1 year from the date of delivery. This extended warranty is at no extra cost to you and you will find is far better than what all of the other discount furniture retailers offer.

The warranty covers manufacturer defects but does not include wrong assembly, abuse, modifications, normal wear and tear, die lot issues or fading from the sun.

If we can't determine the furniture or mattress is defective through the photos you have sent to us, we will schedule a 3rd party inspector to inspect your item in question. We reserve the right to replace or fix whatever is defective. If we can't replace a part or fix it, then a full replacement will be authorized.

No refunds will be given on a defective product after the 48 hour return period. If the defective item is no longer available, you may re select an item at equal value. If the item you want to re select for is more in cost, you must pay the difference in price.